I so very boring. :(

"what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger." well. I don’t know why i use that lyrics. But sometimes, he makes me stronger. So yeahhh. #throwback #fatness #ew #nofilter #love

Happybirthday line line. So yeah. I hope you like all the stuff i gave u and i love u. Hehe. Xoxo

Smile. And then ugly…….. MissinyIvy


Within three hours. 2 hundred are gone. #shoppingmax

Throwbackkkkkk….. <3<3<3

Three of you also cute la Hahah..

i don’t really know how to edit this shit but yeah… meet my huge friends over here :)

Most of us dont really know each other well. But after all those practices.. We become one. We might not have the best moves or whatever but we have one heart. We dont shout at each other(although i did, but we ended up laugh together) we do what cheerleaders suppose to do. Trust me, we’re the bestttt
… Gooooo Purpleeee!!!

#throwback #ew
I’ll swim and sail on savage seas.
With never a fear of drowning.
And gladly ride the waves of life.
If you will marry me. -For the dancing and dreaming. <3<3 i love you fatass.

We ponteng concert. XD kbaiiii.. <3<3<3

Happy Birthday.. Its okay to be old samei. Hahaha as long as u have a same size as me youre young. Hahaha yayyy cheers to your big day. Have fun and enjoy it. Wish all the best to you.. Love youuu <3

Throwback to holidayyyy <3<3<3<3

Throwback to cousin’s bday partayyyy. Wheeeeee…..